One Station/Offset- HOLD the Offset, please!

Just because you have a label type called, say, Station/Offset, doesn’t mean you have to use the offset part. Nor does it mean you are limited to just station/offset in your label.

This goes for many different types of labels. My model reference/expression labels are technically speaking, “Station/Offset” labels, but they don’t look like any omlette I’ve ever eaten.

There was a request for a label that looked like this:

Here is how to make it.
Note each angle, attachment point and other aspects show to recreate on your end.

Note that you DO NOT want this to rotate with the view. You want it oriented with respect to the object. In this case, 90 angle from the alignment.

When I say “HARD TEXT”, I mean text that you type in that is not harvesting data from the model, it is always the same no matter what. We could have a different style for every case of hard text, or we can override later. I show that at the end.

Now harvest the station.

Alignments>Labels Station Offset
Add it, use an offset of Zero.

To override text in certain labels (this works for Station Offset, note and a few other label types, but not all)

Type in the box that comes up. An alternative to dtext/mtext for sure.

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