Make Reading Blogs Easier (aka What is that weird Orange Square?)

This whole blog thing was new to me, so every once in awhile, I want to take the time to explain some of the options you have for reading Civil 3D Rocks and

You may have seen this little orange square and text appearing around my blog and others:


What does this mean? Well, if you love reading blogs but find it hard to get to each website every day, you can have the posts delivered to, kinda like email.

This threw me for a loop– where do I read it? Is this something I have to buy?

And what the heck does “FEED” mean and what is “RSS”? “Feed” is a term that tells your reader where the blog lives. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and you could think of it as “How to Deliver that FEED to your inbox”.

To use this, you don’t have to buy anything. In fact, you may already use a tool that will allow you to read your blogs daily. If you use a yahoo home page, or a google homepage- in addition to allowing you to track your local weather and news, you can add your favorite blogs!

Lately, I have been using my Google homepage to read my blogs. Just go to and sign up to have a personalized homepage.

Another free one that works nicely is Bloglines. I used it for awhile. You just set as your internet home page and it shows you what is new at your sites.

Other ideas- when I posted on this subject in the past, some folks make comments with suggestions of readers that they like. So check this link out, too.
Civil 3D Rocks: Keep up with your Blogs

So how to get started?

Click on the orange square and follow the directions. Here is what the link takes you to:

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  1. learned a few things from following that link… I must note though, that when setting up my new computer, dear hubby installed RSS bandit for me, and the best part was that I could just take the url of a website, and Bandit would find the feeds available on that site, without me having to actually navigate and click on the little orange button. (and, since I’m a big enough nerd to keep a running spreadsheet on all of our industry blogs, I made really short work of it)

    Great topic!