Have a Drink…

“You’re a lucky, lucky, lucky little boy. ‘Cause you know why? You get to drink from… the FIRE HOOOOOSE!”

I’m pleased to announce that Jason Hickey and Dana Probert will be adding their knowledge and insight to civil3d.com in the near future. I’m hoping this will help create a more dynamic conversation between us and give our visitors more information than they know what to do with, drinking from the fire hose if you will.

We will be attempting to merge the articles from their previous blogs into this one. I’ve also added Blogger’s search bar across the top, allowing you to search this blog for older articles. I’m not thrilled with its appearance, we’ll see what happens. Please feel free to comment and offer your feedback! To HEC with that thing, Google Search has been added in the right hand pane.

Oh, and you should still come back tomorrow, more on the way…


  1. JTB World says:

    I think you are required to leave the blogger search bar on the top. Regarding their search functionality I’ve found that it’s not that good since it doesn’t find older stuff on the blog. (Try a search for MSDE for example) I would recommend using Technorati search or something like that as an alternative.

  2. I can kill it, but then I don’t have a simple way for people to search through the posts. With Jason and Dana bring on their prodigious output, I think search becomes more valuable than it was previously.

    Thanks for coming by, Jimmy! I’m honestly flattered.


  3. again…. aged 10 years. I remember where i was when i read this post. in a library in nova scotia after driving up the coast, eating a terrible sandwich and playing with panorama by the sea. never did i feel so excited and scared over a blog post before 🙂 what a great move jason and i made!