Getting objects out of vault.

I am not sure that this is going to happen to any of you out there, but if you ever run across this you will know. Anyhow was having a discussion with a colleague about Vault and he asked this question:”If I check a drawing and object into vault but I later decide I do not want that object to be shared what do I do?” You cant delete the object because you want to keep it in the design, the desire is just to no longer have it shared. So I did a little digging and here are the results. You can’t right click anywhere and remove the sharing, even if no data shortcuts have been created “” Feature Request(\end cough). The Process is as follows:

Original objects as added to vault.
1.) Start Vault Explorer
2.) Login to your Vault
3.) Select the project in question
4.) Select the project XML right click and choose check out

5.)You will need to select somewhere other than your working folder to save the file, as there is already a copy there.

6.)Open the XML file up in your favorite text editor, or XML editor if you have one.
7.) Look for your object in the list, each shortcut starts with <shortcut>

My EG Shortcut looks like this:
<Shortcut name=”$\Sample\GSG_surfaces.dwg:Eg”>
<File name=”$\Sample\GSG_surfaces.dwg”/>
<Object type=”AeccDbSurfaceTin” useType=”0″ name=”Eg” useName=”0″ version=”1″ useVersion=”0″ handleLow=”3335″ handleHigh=”0″ useHandle=”-1″/>
<DisplayProperties layer=”0″ useLayer=”0″ color=”1″ useColor=”0″ lineType=”ByLayer” useLineType=”0″ lineWeight=”0″ useLineWeight=”0″/>
<Vault sourceDrawingMasterFileId=”217″ parentHandleHigh=”0″ parentHandleLow=”0″ objectDescription=”EG BACKUP”/>

8. So in order to remove that object from being shared, just wipe out that <shortcut> to <\Shortcut> for the object in question.
9. Save your project.xml
10. Check it back into the vault.

Voila the object is no longer shared in the project to others.
*Someone over at autodesk might be shaking their head at me right now as they read this, if I get told this is bad idea I will be sure and let you all know. Like I said, I was just answering a question that was asked of me. Oh and BTW, be careful when you are playing with that XML file, you can hose your project good in there.

I don’t think it is going to cause me any problems though, cause I have done something similar with projects in 06 and contrary to popular belief things with vault aren’t that much different.

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