Controlling Structure Sump Depths

In today’s webcast, Scott Kent (Autodesk pipes guru) showed everyone how to control their structure sump depth. Great, it’s about time. Right now, it assigns an arbitrary “2 point something” depth to every structure. Also, there’s no way to group change that value – you have to edit every structure via the structure properties. A royal pain, to say the least. We’ve been screaming for this to be fixed for a while now.

My issue with this is that the functionality was being shown in the webcast with NO MENTION that you can’t do it RIGHT NOW. It’s scheduled to be fixed in a future service pack, but YOU CANNOT CONTROL YOUR SUMP DEPTH WITH CIVIL 3D SP1 or SP1A

So, before you start asking all over the place “I saw this on the webcast, but can’t find it in my program”, let me say “you can’t yet. Maybe in the future, but not now.”

I felt like that German Kid in the video on YouTube watching this one….


  1. Anonymous says:

    you say “future service pack” – does this mean service pack nr 2, which is now targeted to be available next Friday, August 25th?

  2. Mitch says:

    I’ve never really noticed that before. It seems really dumb that you can’t control sump depths with the structure rules (setting 0 as default) or some other default choice in the toolspace settings.

    I didn’t check the webcast; now I’m anxious to see how this is fixed.

    – Mitch

  3. Jason Hickey says:

    Anonymous –

    Since no one that posts to this website has an address, then we couldn’t really address that, even if we did know.

    We can hope, but I’ll let you know once the service pack is actually released.

  4. Nick Zeeben says:

    The fix was mentioned in a number of blog posts that were up a couple of weeks ago. But as jason mentioned you just never know.