Birmingham, AL CAD Camp Registration LIVE!

OK folks, it’s time to sign up for AUGI CAD Camp! This year’s AUGI CAD Camp will be held in Birmingham at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center – just southeast of the I-459/US Highway 280 intersection. This is an incredible facility for conferences such as this.

But what is a CAD Camp? Tents, Campfires, s’mores? Not at all. CAD Camp is a full day of CAD instruction. Ever heard of Autodesk University? Picture that crammed into one fun day! Here’s what the CAD Camp website has to say about the experience:

Training and procrastination often go hand in hand. You know you need training, you may even be pumped up about getting it, yet carving a large chunk of time from your already overcrowded schedule forces you to put it off time and again.

But even the busiest professionals can devote one day to training, right? That’s where AUGI CAD Camp, a single-day training and networking event, comes in.

At AUGI CAD Camp, you’ll get:

A full day of training: Five different sessions designed to provide targeted training, giving you a lot of knowledge in a little time.

Expert advice from top instructors across the country.

Networking opportunity. Some of the best stuff you ever learned came from your peers, and AUGI CAD Camp gives you ample time to socialize with fellow CAD Camp attendees.

Technology update. A few of Autodesk’s top developer partners will be on hand to keep you abreast of new products and updates.

Even better, yours truly is scheduled to teach three classes – below are the courses that I will be offering:

Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2007

(S1-4) Essentials of Styles in Civil 3D
Instructor: Jason Hickey

In Civil 3D, styles are like wheels on a car – without them, you’re not going anywhere! In Autodesk Civil 3D, standardization can be achieved by using styles. This class addresses the development of Civil 3D styles to suit the needs of your organization. You will learn how to develop, integrate and manage all Civil 3D styles for use in data display and data storage. We’ll also look at some of the powerful visualization effects of styles. So if you’re using Civil 3D or Autodesk Land Desktop, or would simply like to learn the next generation of software for civil engineering, attend this session!

Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2007

(S3-3) “Hidden” Geospatial Functionality within Civil 3D
Instructor: Jason Hickey and Alice Craig

Did you know that Civil 3D is a combination of TWO products? There’s an entirely different program in there that many people never utilize – Map 3D! Map 3D allows us to add geospatial functionality to any of our civil projects. You’ll learn about object data, what it is and how to utilize this data that has been created in other programs. We’ll also review how to create quick surface analyses without the need for a survey. Leverage the advantages of Map along with your Civil data.

Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2007

(S4-2) Subdivision Design with Civil 3D
Instructor: Jason Hickey

Subdivisions are intensive projects. So intensive, in fact, that they use every aspect of Civil 3D – from parcels to corridors, and from surfaces to cross-sections. In this session you’ll get the foundation information to evaluate the design alternatives. We’ll cover the methods of importing survey data and creating subdivisions, site parcels and roads, as well as grading, piping and vertical profiles of the subdivision road. Finally, learn how to apply your new subdivision knowledge as we cover a real-world example.

The last class of the day will be one that all ALACAD instructors will be involved with for you CAD Managers out there:

Management Track

(S5-4) The Product Migration Roundtable
Instructor: Robert Green

Are you responsible for migrating to the newest release of your software or transitioning from one product to another, or maybe even from 2D to 3D? If so, you’ll want to avoid the common implementation mistakes made by many CAD managers, and learn the secrets of those who’ve succeeded. This course will present general guidance on upgrading from planning, training and implementation standpoints while giving more specific advice for discipline areas such as architectural, mechanical and civil users in a technical context. At the conclusion of the class, an extended Q&A session will be conducted to address your software-specific questions.

Hope to see you all there – hurry up and go register today!

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