Because Not Enough of You Hang out in Vault…

Not nearly enough Civil 3D users frequent the Vault newsgroups yet. One of the Autodesk folks was kind enough to point out a Hotfix that most Civil users know NOTHING about…even though it has been out for over a month.

Hey Support guys, why don’t you add stuff like this to the C3D downloads instead of letting users find this stuff on their own?

Hotfix: Microsoft Word slow after Vault Add-in installation
Published date: 2006-07-19 ID: TS1057489
Applies to: Autodesk® Productstream™ 5, Autodesk® Vault 5
AND OH YEAH, all the C3D users using those who installed Vault

After you installed the Vault Word Add-in, you noticed that performance was slow when you were typing in Word. Performance degraded even further when you were working on documents that resided on a remote server or a slow network.

To install the hotfix:
Download and unzip the file into a temporary directory.
Double-click on the TS1057489.exe to install the update.

So, keep an eye on those Vault fixes. Even if you’re not USING Vault, it could be using you.


  1. Jason Hickey says:

    You HAVE to be kidding me.

    I just spent one entire **** week FIGHTING MS Word whilst trying to write my CAD Camp handouts.

    Almost 50 pages of me typing 5 words ahead of Word’s display. And it was VAULT’S FAULT?

    I’m seething right now

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Just posted an excel hotfix also.
    And dropped a hint that Vault service pack 1 was due out soon.

    I hang there a little, 🙂