Assigning Styles to Object References

Today, a user in the Autodesk Civil 3D discussion group was pondering why his pipe references from vault looked like crap. They didn’t have his styles applied to the pipes, and there was no easy way to change them short of picking them all and editing the properties of the pipe network.

However, it should be pointed out that even referenced objects have default styles that can be set inside a drawing template for future use. These styles are stored in the Command Settings of a drawing.

To access the command settings for pipes, we go to the settings tab on our toolspace and expand Pipe Networks. You’ll see there that Pipe Networks includes a group for Commands. If we expand that tree, we can see that we would like to edit one – the CreateNetworkReference setting.

If we edit that command, we will find a tree for default styles – this is where the styles will be applied once you create a network from a reference in Vault:

This holds true for many different objects in Civil 3D.

Also, if you want to quickly change a bunch of them, it’s pretty easy as well. As Anthony pointed out, Dana has posted about it here.

Have Fun!

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