AOTC: Residential Grading

This title is newly updated and available at the Autodesk E-Store. Over 80% of the book was changed to reflect new methodology as users (and the authors!) have gotten more comfortable wth the program. Changes include:

  • Better knuckle modeling
  • Revised surface use and dynamic blocks for pad grading
  • Use of one corridor to drive temporary and final surface models
  • Wide use of feature lines for grading and drainage considerations

We will be giving away copies of this book at our booth and in the halls at AU this year. Come by and register to win one!

Oh, and for any resellers that are reading, please don’t try to teach this in a day, I’m not sure why the estore says that it’s a one day class. We designed it as three, shrank it to two. If your students are new or even just getting past Essentials, it will be every bit of two days. We’d like to work with you to present this to your clients, please e-mail me for more information!

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