_Recover Revisited Regarding Reattaching References

I crack me up.

Anyway, mea culpa, I was wrong. I’ll repeat that, I was wrong. The problems I ran into last week had nothing to do with the _recover file, but with the Pipe Network and Data References I was using.

At the time, I did speak with some brilliant guys, everything else seemed to be working, and the only culprit we could find was the use of the _recover file. A week later, things start going south again, we have a bit more time to investigate, and no _recover was involved. More conversations, e-mails and a full Vault shipment later, and it appears the pipes were the source of my problem. It would appear that the problems will be addressed in the SP2 release (No, I don’t know when,) and we’ll move forward.

In the meantime, _recover still gives me the creeps. If I haven’t done just a ton of work since my last save, I would simply go back to the last saved version, or to getting the Latest Version from the Vault. With that said…

If you’ve done a lot of work, and _recover is your only hope, then try this out. I don’t like the Naming Conflicts that arise, but I think I can work around them. This technique is a best guess! I don’t have a crash suspect handy, but I’ve moved data references using this technique before. Here’s how:

  1. I have a drawing called PIPES.dwg. I’ve checked it out and in a couple of times, it has an alignment (LINE-A) and a pipe network (SANI). I manage to bomb out of Acad, and go ahead and create the PIPES_Recover.dwg. Remember that Vault has PIPES.dwg checked out to me at this point.
  2. Open C3D backup, and open the PIPES_recover.dwg from your working folder. Perform a SAVEAS and overwrite the working folder version of your PIPES.dwg.
  3. Delete the LINE-A and SANI from the drawing, then check it back in, but keep it checked out. This should remove the references to those objects in the Project.xml file.
  4. Close (Autocad CLOSE) the PIPES.dwg and reopen the PIPES_recover.dwg. Because you have PIPES.dwg checked out, you should be able to now SAVEAS on the PIPES_recover.dwg and overwrite the PIPES.dwg file.
  5. Reopen PIPES.dwg and check it back in. You should now be able to publish your LINE-A and SANI network without problem.

I cannot test this right now, it’s time to go push the kiddo on the swing. If you crash out, and recover is your hope, it’s worth a shot. Let me know how it works. If it doesn’t work, I’ll post that as well!

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