Volumes by Leaps and Bounds

One of my clients asked me today how he could define a site (or sites) for volumes, like he did in Land Desktop. It’s not quite the same, but still fairly easy…

First, we have to have a Volume Surface created. Volume Surfaces are as easy to create as simple TIN surfaces, except for the fact that you have to select a base surface and a comparison surface. A Volume Surface consists of the area BETWEEN two surfaces.

Once you have your Volume Surface created, you can draw a simple polyline to define your site. I’ve created a volume surface from my corridor surface here – not the best scenario for a demonstration, but it gives you the idea. The site that I want to define covers the north/south part of my horseshoe roadway – see if you can spot the polyline that defines the site below (I’m not giving any hints…):

Now, I want to go to the Surfaces menu and select Utilities, then select Bounded Volumes, shown below:

Once we select that, we’re asked to select a surface – select the volume surface for our corridor, then select the polyline that defines your boundary (or “site) for the volume calculation. The results will be displayed in your command line, as shown below. (HINT: To open and show all the information in your command line, hit F2.)

Have Fun!

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