Volume words of warning

Tonites post is a result of some work I was doing the other day. I was trying out the brand new corridor volume tables. I was a little confused by some of my results so I thought I would pass along what I learned. Basically what happens is this: the volume table is dynamic all the time. What do I mean by that? Well my montage of images should paint the picture. If you have a corridor model that is not set to automatically rebuild(Like me because I can’t stand waiting all the time for rebuilds). Anyways on with the show.

In this first image you can see the corridor volumes and the model.

The second image shows the alignment having been moved, the out of date corridor in prospector and the new volume numbers. When I saw this some alarm bells went off in my head, the corridor isnt rebuilt but the volume table is showing new numbers, wrong numbers! What I was able to deduce is when we move the alignment the sample lines move with it, and update based on their new postion within the corridor surface. The problem is the corridor needs to be rebuilt. Now those folks in manchester do have the event viewer pop up and warn us with the message that the corridor is out of date, but I got a little tired of the event viewer myself and set mine not to pop up so I missed out on the warning.

Last screen shot. In this one you can see the volumes have changed again, the corridor has been rebuilt. Everything is back to being correct. So what was the point of all this rambling? Make sure you rebuild your corridor while making volume edits.

One comment

  1. perhaps this is one of those tables that when you bring it in you should leave it static-

    that way it may not be change right away, but at least it wouldn’t change in the wrong way.

    whatever, either way you have to remember to keep it updated.