Set Your Template!

My two cent tip for the day. You know how much I hate technical posts (that’s why Nick is so great!), but this one is simple, it’s easy, and it will save you time.

Set your default template! How many times have you started working in a C3D session and realized you don’t have any styles? I do it all the time when I get to a new user’s machine, or when we’re setting up labs. The default template used by C3D is not quite, but close to, useless. A poster in the NG suggested the C3D team should change this, and I tend to agree. Since the setting Default Template File Name for QNEW is actually the template used at session start, I like to change it to be something useful. Saves a few clicks. A few clicks here, a few clicks there, and soon we’re talking about real money. Stupid simple, but worth the 30 seconds it should take you to change this!

Go to Options, then to the Files Tab. Expand the Template Settings, then the Default Template File Name for QNEW. It should look like this. If not, your CM has changed it…dont’ change it without talking to him or her!

Now, click the Browse button, and find the file named _Autodesk Civil 3D (Imperial) NCS Extended. Or better yet, find the template made just for your firm, with your styles and settings built in. Select it and click Open. The path should now show your change like this one does.

This is a dead simple change, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run. If you’re implementing C3D, this should be on your checklist to complete either during installation image creation, or via scripting.


  1. Network Locations work?
    I’m guessing probably yes as it sounds like something that an Acad product would copy and add to the neww drawing but does it really work that way?

    Your Buddy
    Uncle FUD

  2. Nick Zeeben says:

    Yup you can point em to the network. Not a worry.

  3. Christian Barrett says:

    Why Autodesk ships C3D with the standard template is beyond me, but it causes so many problems and is such an easy fix. I really liked this post, as I recently found out to my surprise, not many users if any that I work with know how to change the default dwt or how to utilize network settings for shared printers/plotters, plot styles, toolpalettes or dwts.