Get a Beta Testing Box for Free

VMware Server has been changed from a pay product to FREE (as in beer). Most of the more serious beta testers and consultants out there use VMWare or VirtualPC from Microsoft to maintain multiple versions of Acad, C3D, LDT, etc on different OS configurations without taking a chance on ruining their main computer.

I run Vault on a XP SP2 Virtual machine on my laptop, and have two more seats of C3D running in Virtual Machines upstairs on my 2003 Server. That gives me the ability to have two Vault and three C3D computers all running at once, testing out all the configurations I can dream up. It’s a testing lab in two computers!

This is the perfect solution for testing out 2007 products if you’re not up to date, or for checking out that latest newest build in the Autodesk Beta programs. Check it out!

One comment

  1. that sounds really dorky. almost as dorky as my overclocked water cooled screamer. seriously, do you just like sit around with your kids and dream up vault configurations? what a cool dad.