Brand Recognition

Well, I’m back in the office (finally), and wanting to play a little game. Let’s play a game of word association, and see where that gets us…

Photocopy. Xerox – check.
Ink Correction Fluid. Liquid Paper – check
Facial Tissue. Kleenex – check
Carbonated Beverage. Coke – check
General Inquiry on the Internet. Google – check.

OK, now it gets a little harder…..

Computer Aided Drafting and Design. AutoCAD – check
Autodesk. CAD – check
GIS/Geospatial. Autodesk.

Wait, that last one isn’t right. I tend to think of other programs by other vendors when you mention GIS. Big dogs, like ESRI, for example. Nobody thinks of Autodesk in relation to Geospatial/GIS, do they? Not yet, but I’m betting that they will.

I just spent 2 days in sunny (and remarkably cool) San Rafael, California attending the 1st of what is hopefully many Autodesk Geospatial Summits. At this summit, Autodesk Executives (marketing, sales, management, and development), VAR’s (Autodesk Resellers), ISV’s (third party application developers), independent consultants, and end users all came together to discuss and come up with a plan of action to change the way we think – and to change the way YOU think, as well.

The message? Autodesk isn’t just CAD, it’s GIS too. GIS is such a broad term, it’s almost universal. It can encompass just about anything. With programs specifically dedicated to GIS such as Autodesk Map 3D, MapGuide, and vendors such as Oracle Geospatial, Autodesk is a major player in the Geospatial community, a fact that was echoed in the small cross section of that community that gathered this week. With some of the technology coming down the tracks, Autodesk stands to be an even greater resource for Geospatial. I saw a preview of a program that’s going to revolutionize GIS in the US. Hold on, folks – it’s going to be a fun ride. But I hope to hear you say “AUTODESK” next time I say “GIS”

Have Fun!

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