A Retraction

It was pointed out today by Nick Zeeben that one of my posts is wrong. Well, not wrong per se, but misleading. Actually, I reported functionality that was only included wrongly by Autodesk.

In this horribly wrong post, I told you that you could operate Land Desktop 2007 in MDI mode, rather than the SDI mode that it’s always been. That was misleading.

I take no blame whatsoever for this misleading post. Not only was I right (the caveat was that you couldn’t do any LDT specific functions when in MDI mode), but James Wedding was sitting next to me as I discovered this and CONFIRMED that it worked. So there! I wasn’t wrong, Autodesk was wrong for allowing broken functionality to be included in the program.

Mark this day. I admitted that I was wrong. Doesn’t happen often 😉

Have fun!


  1. So what’s broken? Full disclosure, I don’t even have LDT _installed_ anymore, but I was told by a VERYgood adesk source that it worked. Might have to rattle this one back up the ladder.

  2. Matthew Anderson says:

    While you can open more than one drawing, be warned…if you open drawings in MDI that occur in different project roots – you will begin to get strange results.

    For example, if you open a drawing with a project root of 2006 from the MRU list, and then open a 2005 drawing, also from the MRU list. You will create a project folder heirarchy in the opposite project root.

    Stange functionality.