Where’d the Image Manager Go?

If you’re on any AutoCAD 2007-based product, you’ve likely seen the new External Refereneces window. In previous versions, we had one window for XREFS (referenced DWG files) and one window for Image references (raster images). With the inclusion of DWF references (yes, we can now reference a DWF file into our drawing – too cool!), Autodesk decided to merge all these managers into one relatively simple window to manage ALL references. If you’re not on 2007, here’s a preview of what that window looks like:

Now, not everyone likes this new window. I spoke with a long-time AutoCAD user yesterday, Keith Kempker about this very thing. He was irate (yeah, that’s the nice way to put it) that Autodesk took away his Image Manager window. He was so irate, in fact, that he went off in search of his missing Image Manager window. Luckily for him, he found it on the AUGI Forums with the help of Tim Creary (I promised to give credit for this nice discovery.)

In short, to get back your old Image Manager window, simply type CLASSICIMAGE at the command line – this brings back our old familiar interface:

Have fun!

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  1. Dave Dixon says:

    CLASSICXREF works too. How about CLASSICCOLOR? – that’s where you only get 16 colors. I’m sure you can come up with other “CLASSIC” commands 🙂