Twisting the Tools

Holy cow, two posts in a day, what are you going to do??? I’m stuck in the lovely Birmingham International Airport, enjoying the free power for my laptop and wireless and have nothing else to do, so…why not blog?

We spent the day today doing some very interesting training for the Southern Company. They don’t do subdivisions or strip malls, but they do civil engineering and design. Ash stacks, distilling basins, drainage channels, large scale earthmoving, all the things that a huge power interest has to do to serve most of the south with reliable energy.

The interesting part was that we used C3D to solve unusual problems, using the tools in ways they were never designed to be used. It’s simply amazing what a little creativity and customization with this program can accomplish. Notice the shoulders in the road at right…they stretch and shrink based on cut and fill conditions. This process was labor intensive, requiring the designer to check every section and modify as required.

This solution isn’t out of the box, and it’s not complicated, but it took a process from hours to minutes. This is what a good consultant and training can do.

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