The Young Turk

At the risk of this site becoming overly technical, I’ve added Nick Zeeben to the blogging team. Nick works with Engineered Efficiency Inc., after three years in the AE market in Vancouver. In addition to being one of the Young Turks of the C3D world, he’s a decent golfer and VBA wiz. His contributions in the newsgroups, to our clients, and at AU 2006 put him in an elite class.

Nick will be focusing more on the how-to and other technical aspects of the program while I remain more focused on commentary at large. Please, send your comments to let us know your thoughts on this exciting change!


  1. So, I am feeling pretty ancient over here at 30 now… but at least he is a Taurus. We Taurus _know_ Civil 3D. 🙂

    I look forward to reading Nick’s contributions.

    Bon Courage

  2. So…..

    Where is the content?

    You must have some pent up content Nick. I don’t recommend venturing into Recipes or Health and Beauty tips, Dana has that locked.

    James speaks quite highly of you, even after work.

    Looking forward to your contributions.

  3. Nick Zeeben says:

    I am working on that content John. It just so happens I am not so good at the short bite sized nuggets of information. So far I am looking at a 3 page document.

  4. man….. this seems like so long ago…. i think we have all aged 10 years since this post.