Some Good Words on Vault

OK, I try not to copy what the other industry gurus are posting – if we all post the same thing, then why would you want to visit all our sites? 😉

So I’m not going to do that today. However, I do want to point you to James Wedding’s blog, because he has some really good things to say about Vault. Call it a “Best Management Practices” for Vault.

He and I talked about some of his thoughts regarding Vault yesterday. Of course, I can’t argue with him, since I haven’t done a major install like he has. And boy, has he done a major install. Wow, the problems he’s had – I’ve talked with him and his customer, and they deserve a medal for what they went through (both of ’em!) I asked him a few questions – actually, very few, because I was able to answer most of my questions as I typed them, and realized that he’s right. Even playing Devil’s Advocate, I wasn’t able to get one around him.

He also talks about FUD. What’s FUD? No, not the guy hunting wabbits on my kid’s TV. FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It’s what we feel when we embrace new technology, especially if we don’t take the time to really research it fully. I’ve been seeing a ton of FUD in the past few weeks since Civil 3D 2007 came out. Yes, it’s a new way of working and thinking, but I think it’s a truly good way of working and thinking. If we get rid of the FUD, forget everything we know, and get to working with the program, then the light will dawn and we’ll all realize that we’ve got one helluva tool here to work with.

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  1. Actually I prefer beer to trinkets.
    But thanks for the thought.