Away From the Office

I haven’t forgotten about this place, and I’m glad to see so many people are still checking in on a daily basis – and people from places that I wouldn’t expect….some domain names that are showing up are really surprising me. I’ll say this – it’s good to know that the “Mothership” is keeping tabs, but the competition is too….

Haven’t updated lately because I’ve been out of the office teaching users all about Civil 3D. Late last week, I upgraded my laptop – I’m now running Civil 3D 2007 on Dell Precision M70 with 2 GB RAM and a 256 MB nVidia go1400 video card. So far, so good, but I haven’t put it through all the paces just yet.

This week, I’m in Chicago, IL, teaching another Civil 3D class. Been a rough day – delayed flights, lost luggage, bad directions…but it’ll all be better tomorrow in the class.

I’m still working on that big how-to post. Maybe I’ll get it posted tomorrow night.

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