AU 2006-Got Your PO Yet?

Autodesk University is coming up faster than you think. Submissions are already in for classes, and class acceptance letters are coming out this month. A couple of posts in the NG have asked about it, and I got to give Dana some grief about it today for not attending my class last year.

Without a doubt, AU is the best bang for a buck training around. Three days of classes from the best in the industry, and you’re ready to take on those new concepts and ideas that make you anxious now. This year, I’d bet good money you’ll see a ton of material on Vault and the 2007 improvements to C3D.

The top link will take you to Lynn Allen’s justification page and you can find sign-up information there as well.

See you in Vegas!


  1. Matt Stachoni says:

    Also, don’t forget to sign up for this year’s 6th Annual GeekFest Golf Outing! To take place at a course To Be Determined (although, truthfuly, it will probably be Stallion Mountain).

  2. Stallion Mountain? That sounds like a Stag Party. I guess Chicks with Sticks aren’t invited. The Civil 3Divas will host a Ladies Tee Golf Outing Followed by a special “Seat and Keyboard” Massage/Manicure Package at Mare Hill Golf and Spa.

  3. JW says:

    Don’t be so paranoid, Dana. Matt and I (and others!) have played Stallion Mountain couple of times now, it’s a great, relaticely inexpensive Vegas course.

    And ALL are welcome!

  4. So I just saw last years photo and it says 4th annual. So where did 5th go? I’ll be there. Now the real question is where is someone from autodesk to donate some participant prizes for us.

  5. I’ll get my clubs polished. I’d be happy to donate a few prizes- how about 3 years worth of Urban Land back issues?