While I’m On The Subject of Settings…

OK, you all know that you can change the styles of objects and labels. However, let’s say that you create this new surface style that you have named “Our Company Contour Standard” that you want to have applied to every style that you create. How do you do this? Do you just pick it each time you create your surface? What if you could have it as the default style? Well, good news, because you definitely can do this.

Once again tonight, we’re working on the Settings tab of our Toolspace. Note that this technique will work on almost any type of Civil 3D object, but we’re going to use Surfaces for this example. Go to Surface and expand the tree there. At the very bottom of that group, you’ll see an item called Commands. Expand this – this is where we’re going to edit the command that we use to create our surface. In case you’re lost, here it it:

Now, we’re going to edit the CreateSurface command. Right click on that command, and select Edit Command Settings. Now, a very familiar box pops up (especially if you worked through the previous tip). The 5th option here in this list is Default Styles. If you expand that tree, you can edit the styles that are applied each and every time you create a surface:

If you’re brave, browse in this window and see what else you can modify – you can select your build options, or the type of surface that you create each time.

As always, Have Fun!

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