What those other guys do

Tonight, as my co-workers and I sat on the riverfront in Chattanooga, Tennessee eating our dessert of Cold Stone Creamery (heaven in a styrofoam cup, I’m telling you…), I was looking around at the impressive architectural feats that surrounded me. From the very impressive building housing the Creamery, to the Chattanooga Aquarium next door, some of the most beautiful architecture in the Southeast is right here in Chattanooga. As our VP of Building Systems told us that he’d worked on designing the very building that we’re standing in, I was most impressed.

That’s why I link to his blog. It’s called Knowing What You Don’t Know about CAD, and is a very valuable resource to Building Systems readers – go and check him out. He and I pick on each other constantly (as architectural types and civil types so often do), but he’s definitely a shining star in his profession. Like I said, check him out – even a “dirt guy” like me learns something from him.

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