Off The Road, and Deleting Styles

Well, it’s nice to finally be off the road. Thanks to all the customers that I met this past month, and hopefully the new customers that I met as well! I’m busy, busy, busy now, working on a TON of Civil 3D implementation services and preparing for the new Civil 3D 2007 classes. I’m really going to focus this summer on more “advanced” training – more than just the essentials. That’s right, my customers ask for it, and I aim to deliver.

Now, for a little tip. Part of any good implementation is creating styles and templates, and that’s what I’m looking at for the next few weeks. One issue that has come up was also in the Civil 3D newsgroup today – how do I delete more than one style at a time in my template? It’s not as fast as I’d like, but here’s a way to delete multiple styles in one click, so to speak.

First of all, open your template. Now, go to the setting tab in toolspace. Select any style category, and expand it. For my example, I’m going to use surface styles. Once you expand that tree, you’ll notice all your styles, and they also are populated in the preview pane as well. In Toolspace, we can’t select multiple styles for deletion, BUT….you can select multiples in the preview pane! Select them using either the control or the shift keys on your keyboards, and do with them as you please (but be gentle – styles are so important to us that we don’t want to mistreat them!)

Here’s a screen shot, just in case you need the overall picture:

Have Fun!

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  1. Grant Brewer says:

    Do you know of anyway to delete a style in use or to find where the embedded information is located at?