Converting Files (Part Deux)

OK, this tip/hint was given to me today by one of my readers named Erik Johnson. He had a great tip, but it didn’t really fit into what the whole thought process was behind my last article.

New to 2007 is a Batch Converter. It can be found in the File pulldown menu, located here:

What’s great about this converter is that it can do multiple files and, most importantly, gives you numerous options for saving it. You can change the units of the converted drawing, explode Civil 3D objects, give the converted files a prefix or a suffix, choose what version to save to, and even bind (with the option to insert) your xreferenced files. This is a very slick routine. Here’s a look at the interface:

I did get a message warning me that saving older AEC objects was not supported. Not that important, but something to be aware of…

Have fun!

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