Bugs are part of the deal…

Update: The full text of Eric’s article (btw, he’s talking about Vault in case you’re looking for relevance. Not neccesarily the verison of Vault we’re looking at, but its parent I believe.)

An interesting article in the Guardian today, via slashdot. If you’re not reading slashdot, you should be just to keep up with what else is happening in the world. /. isn’t perfect, but it’s a decent barometer of good stuff from all corners of the tech game.

So, Eric Sink writes in his article that bugs are just part of the game, and that each bug goes through a review matrix, informally or more formally.

1) How bad is its impact? (Severity)

2) How often does it happen? (Frequency)

3) How much effort is required to fix it? (Cost)

4) What is the risk of fixing it? (Risk)

For all of the posters in the Adesk newsgroups that think software should ship without bugs, take a few minutes and read the article. Learn a little bit more abuot the process, and you might appreciate what Dan et al go through during the process. Or maybe you won’t, and just don’t care. Either way, it’s a good read.

Now, with all that said, I sure wish the damned pan-unselect issue would be fixed.

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  1. Jon Rizzo says:

    Great article, but I think the issue that most people take exception to is that Autodesk does not provide bug fixes to their products after about 9 months or so. The ONLY way to get bug fixes 12 months out is to upgrade to the next version, which always introduces NEW bugs.