New Tool Available to Civil 3D Users!

I try very hard not to copy what other people are putting on their industry blogs, but I’ve got to do it this time – this is too important for my readers to miss! To be fair, I’m giving thanks where thanks is due – this came from Angel’s website.

Autodesk has introduced something new on their website JUST for Civil 3D users – Autodesk Civil 3D Skill Builders. That’s right – not only are the folks at Autodesk putting out a wonderful product, they’re helping us to learn how to use a great tool even more effectively! Once again, you can find the Autodesk Civil 3D Skill Builders HERE! (Did you notice all the links? I really want you to go and check this one out!)

As of today, the only skill builder available is the Superelevation skill builder, but more should be added soon. The skill builder contains a PDF that shows you how to do the skill, and the dataset to do it with.

One word to describe this – AWESOME!

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