It’s Christmas!

In April, you ask?

Well, the guy in Brown (UPS) brought me a box yesterday. It had that nice green color and said “Civil 3D 2007” on it. HOORAY!

My Bootcamp (beta) version would not uninstall! What? Nothing I could do would make it uninstall. So, it was a manual uninstall. To make things even more fun, I decided that this would be a great time to give my laptop a fresh start, and get rid of all Autodesk products on it. After a lot of manual deletion, registry editing (my office chair has a pronounced wrinkle in it now…) and general sweating and swearing, I got it clean. I’m installing the 2007 line of Audesk ISD programs right now – on my other laptop, checking in here.

Good luck with your install – remember, your package will only have 2 discs in it this time rather than the 4 that we’re used to. Civil 3D ships on one DVD and Land Desktop ships on another DVD. You can go online to request CD’s if you need to.

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