Hello To All My Visitors!

It’s amazing to look at the stats on this web page. I have people visiting from all over the US (quite a few returning visits from Manchester, NH – is the Mothership keeping an eye on me?) I also have international visitors from Germany, Finland, Portugal, Canada, and California (I’ve been there, it’s like a different country!)

Would my returning visitor from Tallassee, Alabama please identify themselves? I’ve got industry ties to that area and am very interested in who’s looking!


  1. Anonymous says:


    You can add sunny Australia to your list of vistors. I have a link to your site on my home page.

    I have a small surveing/engineering practice on the shores of Beautiful Lake Macquarie (about an hours drive north of Sydney).

    We opted into using Civil 3D fully from its first release (warts and all) and are eagerly awaiting the next update.

    Greg Smith

  2. Robin Capper says:

    Can add New Zealand also!