Customizing The Double-Click

This one doesn’t really fall into the category of Civil 3D, but is a feature of AutoCAD 2007. Now you can assign what happens when you double-click an object, based on what that object is.

From the Civil 3D 2007 help file:

Double click actions are used to make editing commands accessible when the cursor is positioned over an object in a drawing and a double-click is registered from a pointing device. The double click actions are object type sensitive, allowing you to set up a specific command to use for a specific object type.

Now, to make it clear as mud, let me give you a scenario. Let’s say that you normally double-click on an image in AutoCAD to display the Image Adjust dialog box. But you want to shortcut and turn on the TFRAMES system variable – you go into your acad.cui file and expand the Double-Click Actions tree, then scroll down to the Image entry. If you expand that, you will find the macro that is attached to that double-click action. Currently (out of the box), it’s set to the IMAGEADJUST macro. You can change that macro to ^C^C_TFRAMES to change the double-click functionality to toggle TFRAMES – here’s a shot of it (click on it to enlarge):

This is a nice addition to AutoCAD. Everything’s been preset before for us, but now we can change what those preset functions are – sweet!

More on some new features of the CUI later. Until then, have fun!

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