What’s cool in Civil 3D 2007?

I haven’t had much time to work on the new features of Civil 3D 2007. However, sitting here in a hotel room overlooking Autodesk’s Coppertop Training Lab makes for the perfect setting and time, so here goes.

One member of our Civil 3D ICE class today mentioned the fact that she just wanted to be able to label a line or curve without converting said lines and curves (or whatever) to a parcel or parcel segment. The good news for her (and I’m sure some of you will like this too) is that you CAN do this in C3D 2007! Located in quite a few pulldown menus is a routine that says “Add Labels.” This is pretty familiar, as it was also in C3D 2006, but in a very limited format. Here’s a list of which features you can now “add labels” to:

Line and Curve
Profile View
Section View
Pipe Network

I think this is a great addition to the program. It’s minor by many standards, but one of those nagging things that people wanted to be able to do.

Another new feature is a “Create Reports” tool. This is found by going to the General pulldown menu and selecting “Toolbox”. This will enable the reports manager as another tab in your toolspace (now there’s MORE in toolspace other than just Prospector and Settings). There are many different types of reports that you can create, including:


I haven’t gotten too deep into the new program. I did experiment with pipes last night and had some major issues, but I’m hoping that it was due to some setting that I didn’t have already defined in the styles that I brought over from C3D 2006 (all my pipes came in at 0 elevation and 0% slope, and manholes didn’t extend to the surface!) I’ll try to work with that some more later tonight.

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