What’s cool? ICE!

Yeah, it’s a cheesy post title. But what are you gonna do?

I spent this past week in San Rafael, CA at the Autodesk Coppertop Training Lab learning how to be a Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert. This class taught Application Engineers how to properly assess a company for Civil 3D implementation and how to effectively complete that implementation. It wasn’t a “how-to” for Civil 3D, but a “how-to-customize” for Civil 3D. One of the major things that we tried not to focus on was data management, since that is changing drastically (and for the better) in Civil 3D 2007. With this release, we will be getting something that MSD (Manufacturing, or mechanical) users have had for quite a while, Autodesk Vault. Some people are a little worried about this, but rest assured that it will not only integrate seamlessly with Civil 3D, but be almost invisible in the background. Even better, it will ship free with Civil 3D 2007.

Oh, and the good news is that I passed the certification exam. Missed one question, which is something I can really live with. I was pleased, especially since I’m fighting this head that feels like it’s filled with cotton, and haven’t been able to sleep for the past two nights. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s flight – it should bring back some of the pain of my diving days.

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    Congrats. on your certification exam.