Quote of the week for Civil 3D

I spent this week in southern Mississippi training 3 Civil Engineering firms on Civil 3D. They were extremely impressed, and I expect to go back in a month and see it being used in full production.

As I was working yesterday with profiles, profile views, and profile bands, I threw up a band showing cut and fill data, much to the delight of my clients. I’ve seen this look before – slack-jawed, glassy eyes, not believing what they’re seeing. I sat there in about thirty seconds of silence, allowing it to sink in. At that point, from the side of the room, I heard “Wow, that’s almost sexual.”

I cracked up…I wonder if Autodesk marketing is looking for a new slogan? 😉

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had been doing a mixture of small scope civil design, land planning, and structural drafting for 11 years using vanilla autocad until my boss handed be a task and a tool. the task was a 97 lot subdivision and the tool was Civil 3D 2006. I attended a three day class on Civil 3D just before Thanksgiving 2005. Imagine my amazement when I saw the level of automation.

    In the past when I needed an existing ground profile I would draw my alignment, a polyline, across my site and then use a lisp routine I created years ago to ‘pick’ points from where the alignment crossed tin lines from the survey. I was in the stone age, and was doing way too much by hand the old fashoned way. I blame it on being in a very small firm that never needed the survey functionality that matured into LDD.

    Today I am able to complete projects in less than half the time that it took me before with the added benefit of providing a better product. All of the ROI papers that Autodesk has tout double digit productivity gains but I suspect those gains are from using LDD.

    In short I would agree with the tagline “Civil 3D, Almost Sexual!”