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How many of you are avid MAP users? Who typically turns off that task pane and hides the menu? I used to be a part of the second set until recently. I never really used MAP until I came to work here and learned that I had to support the program.

Some think MAP is a GIS program. Yes, it can be used as a GIS program, but it offers so much more than just GIS functionality. I like to think of it as AutoCAD on steroids (the Barry Bonds of Autodesk?)

How can you use it? How about drawing cleanup? Ever get those nasty drawings that you have to work on? Drawing Cleanup provides a very powerful, but potentially very dangerous way to clean up those bad drawings. Please be aware that it’s not a magic wand that you can wave – it takes some training and practice to use effectively.

Ever have a drawing corrupted? If you’ve been using Autodesk products for more than a day or so, you have. How about those bloated drawings that you get from outside sources? Want a way to shrink them and PURGE won’t work? Attach that corrupt or bloated drawing to a clean, blank drawing and query in only the data that you need to the clean drawing. The first time I saw this done, I sat there with my jaw hanging down to my knees…it’s almost like magic.

Got ESRI data? Got a Microstation file? Need that data in an AutoCAD DWG? Use MAP! MAP imports the following file formats:

ESRI ArcInfo Coverage
ESRI ArcInfo Export
ESRI Shape Files
GML v2
MapInfo TAB
Microstation Design
MasterMap (GML 2)
Spatial Data Transfer Standard
Vector Product Format Coverage

So why not get familiar with MAP? We offer training here at ALACAD. Also, you can purchase student manuals to work through on your own. I’m particularly fond of Digging Into Autodesk Map 3D 2006 by Rick Elllis, Michael Carris, and Russell Martin. You can find their books on the Cadapult web site.

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