Can we talk about it?

I guess we can…

I posted about the release of Civil 3D 2007 yesterday – some of you may have seen it. However, fears about some mixed signals people were getting from Autodesk prompted me to quickly take that post down, just in case I was doing something wrong 😉

Yes, we can now talk about Civil 3D 2007. I’d love to, but I’m teaching people how to do it the old way this week, which really cuts down on my time. So instead of posting, I’m going to refer you to a few spots on my link bar (hint: look right) that have really good reviews of the upcoming product. I’m going to go on record as saying that the 2007 release will be the one that puts some of the people still anxious about the conversion over the edge and gets it into full production. So, without further ado, here are some links for you to follow:

Scott McEachron is like the rest of us, really excited about some of the new features (he even found a few that I didn’t even know about)

Angel Espinoza also has some really good insight into the program.

James Wedding (even though he insists that he’s not a blogger) 😉 has a really good review. James has been working with this for a long time, and really knows the ins and outs of the new release. He puts in a plug for Engineered Efficiency to help you implement the program, and has a point – you’re going to need assistance putting this into production, especially for the first-time users. The addition of Autodesk Vault alone is going to take some serious training.

Danny Counts also has a nice review of the new features, as well as the expected first customer ship date for the software. He also offers some innovative ideas on implementation of the product.

I’ve installed the new release on my laptop (not this one) to play around with. I’ll be working with it next week as I travel to San Rafael, California to attend Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert (ICE) training at Autodesk’s Coppertop training lab. Hey, at least this will give me something to do during the 5 hour flight.

More to come….

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