The Lost CUI

Losing your Civil Design CUI in Land Desktop 2006? This has been a major problem for many users. One day they open Land Desktop and they have no Civil Design commands. For some reason, the CIVIL.CUI file is being corrupted when you change workspaces frequently. Currently, Autodesk has no solution for this problem. I don’t know of a way to prevent this from happening, so the best thing to do is to create a backup copy of your CIVIL.CUI file. This file can be found in C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\Application Data\Autodesk\C3D 2006\enu\Support. I suggest saving it to a safe location for easy retrieval and restoration.


  1. Murph says:

    Oh that says CUI I read it as CUTY! And was gonna help you look for it.
    Carry on

  2. R.K. McSwain says:

    Isn’t the file actually named CIVILDESIGN.CUI?

  3. Bill Evans says:

    I need to leave this where someone can find it an pass around. The Civildesign.CUI file is corrupted at computer boot. For whatever reason. After reinstalling everything, the LDT default CUI is pulled from somewhere and installed in Documents and Settings. Here’s the fix. Get the good Civildesign.CUI from the CD. (Its about 300KB) Rename it to Anything.CUI Now use the CUI customise to load it into your workspaces. The name of the workspace will be pulled from the file (CIVILDESIGN.CUI) and show up as a workspace. The old, corupted CUI file will never be used again. Fix is permanent.