More on the CUI

I just answered a question from a user who was the target of “Workspace Envy.” This user had gotten his workspace set up perfectly and his co-worker decided that he wanted that exact same setup. The problem was that they didn’t know how to export that workspace. This is a fairly straightforward process, and I suggest using it not only to transfer files from user to user, but as a very good way to back up your interface that you spent so many hours getting “just right.”

First, type CUI at the command line to bring up the Customized User Interface dialog box. Now, click on the “Transfer” tab at the top of the box. In the right-hand pane, click on “Create New CUI File.” Now, in the left-hand pane, right click on the workspace(s) that you want to save and export, then drag them onto the Workspaces area of the new CUI in the right-hand pane. When you get everything exported over, click on the save icon (the little blue disk on the far right side) and save the new CUI file to a safe location.

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